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June 2021

You can now become a fan of Keith at his Official Facebook page!! www.facebook.com/Keith986


Keith will be appearing in concert with The Tokens on July 19th, 2008 in Glendale, CA!!!

-The 15th Annual Cruise Night Car Show will be held on Saturday, July 19, 2008 from 5:30 to 10:30 pm on Brand Boulevard in Glendale. -

More Info: Glendale, CA - www.thetokens.com

Press Release

Keith to perform with The Tokens in Glendale, CA 7.19.08

Part of The 15th Annual Cruise Night Car Show.


MAY 28, 2008- Keith (a.k.a Bazza Keefer) will be making an appearance on stage with The Tokens at The 15th Annual Cruise Night Car Show in Glendale, CA on July 19th, 2008.


Keith will join with The Tokens as they re-create his classic 1967 hit “98.6”. A song that The Tokens originally sang backup on.


Keith landed on the music charts with his first solo single "Ain't Gonna Lie," which placed in the US Top 40 charts. "98.6," Keith's best-known song and his biggest hit, was released in January 1967, charting as a top ten single.  Keith charted with two other songs in 1967, "Tell Me To My Face" and "Daylight Savin Time” and recorded three albums during the 1960’s.

Currently, Keith is involved in the TV Industry and continues to write and record new music.

Entertainment begins at 5:30 to 10:30 pm on Brand Boulevard in Glendale. Other bands that will be performing at The 15th Annual Cruise Night Car Show include, Peter Noone & the Herman Hermits and The Surfaris.

More Event Information: City of Glendale website: www.ci.glendale.ca.us

Keith Information: www.keith986.com - www.myspace.com/keith986

To arrange interviews with Keith please contact Cass Kessler: keithlive@keith986.com

Keith News/Happenings  for 2006:

       There is a brand new audio player on the Media page! This new addition will make listening to interviews easier.

Check it out!

       Keith has answered more questions! Read them now.

Keith has answered a number of fan questions that have been sent to the site. Read his replies now! “Ask Keith

"For the Press" page has been updated with a contact list.


   Keith now has a page at MySpace! If you are registered member there, you can add Keith as a friend, listen to music and much more. Be sure to check it out! www.myspace.com/keith986

If you are a member of the press or are interested in booking Keith for an interview or show, please visit the brand new page "For the Press"


  Keith was interviewed by the Rollye James show on XM Radio, Friday January 6th, 2006 at 10:00 p.m. EST (7 p.m. PST)! This is the interview that was originally scheduled earlier this fall.

Listen to interview

The Very Latest in 2005:

NEW! Add a Keith Buddy Icon to your AIM Messenger! Let all of your on-line buddies know that you are a fan of Keith... download one now from the main page of the website.          

 NEW Interviews! Listen to last months BBC Interview with Keith!

Keith was interviewed by Dave the Rave internet radio show, last month.

 NEW, Keith E-Greetings! Send a Keith greeting to a friend, customized any way that you want them. Three Keith photos to choose from!

New! Interview: Listen to KVYN, Jay Arnolds, April 3rd, 2004 radio interview with Keith! 

New! Photos: Brand new tour photos of Keith and his Limited band, from 64-67. View.

Video/Audio: Listen to WGN’s 2002 Radio Interview with Keith.

 -Remember the hit TV show 'Where The Action Is?' Revisit Keith’s appearances from the 60’s, with 60-second video clips. Take a Look!

Tour Photos: Photos of Keith and his 60’s touring band the “Wild Kingdom” band are now available for viewing in the Photo Gallery. Be sure to check these out!

Media: 1967 TeenSet magazine interview added!

Radio Interview: The interview has been posted in audio format under the 'media' page. -Barry Scott of Boston’s “Lost 45’s” show recently conducted a radio interview with Keith. The interview is currently airing in segments, the first one last Sunday, and next one this coming Sunday. Make sure to tune in! you can listen on-line at: www.lost45s.com The interview will also be posted on the website soon!

New Interview: Geo Sound (www.geosound.org) recently conducted a question and answer with Keith. Be sure to check it out!

Media:  A brand new page has been added to the site. You will find recent and past interviews, magazine articles posted. Enjoy!

Audio Revised:  Better quality and downloading improvement's have been made to 98.6 and Ain't Gonna Lie, for your listening pleasure.

Upcoming Interview:  Barry Scott of the lost 45s show recorded a phone interview with Keith. This should be airing over the spring. We will keep you updated! For more info about the lost 45s show visit: http://www.lost45s.com

Audio Down: The audio files are back up for Keith’s songs. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. You may listen to them at: http://keith986.tripod.com/audio.htm

Keith Interview: WGN Radio will be broadcasting a live interview with Keith tomorrow August 1st. The interview will be on the Steve and Johnnie Show, airing at 12 am CDT. Billy Haley and the Comets will start off the show, then Keith will be on at 1 am, and it will conclude with an awesome band!  

-You can tune in on-line and listen at: http://wgnradio.com/listen/index.htm. Check it out; it’s going to be an exciting night of interviews!

  • Corky's Time Machine interview with Keith from March, has been added to the site. Read

  • The WGN Radio interview with Keith has been re-scheduled for some time in August.

  • The Keith interview from wrco, has been transcribed and added to the site. Read.

About Keith: The Biography section of the site has been updated. You can find a brand new accurate biography sent in by Keith. Enjoy!

Radio Interviews: The Corky Time Machine interview went over very well. Check back for the transcript soon. (Also the transcript from Keith’s interview on wrco)

Ask Keith: I have re-organized the “Ask Keith” section of the site. The questions along with their answers are now located on a separate page from the form to send your questions.

Yahoo! Groups: Yahoo! Clubs merged this month with Yahoo! Groups. The Keith club is now located at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/keith986

New Radio Interview: Corky’s Time Machine recently conducted an interview with Keith for their Time Machine show, which will air March the 16th at 7 pm EST. You can listen to the interview on-line at www.WMVB.net. South Jersey residents can tune into 1440 am or QBC Channel 2 TV to hear it.

Radio Interview: Keith recorded a radio interview this month for wrco radio. The interview will be heard on their Saturday night oldies program that will air on March 9th between 7pm and mid-night.  Various segments will run during the 5-hour program. Please visit their website for broadcasting information: http://www.wrco.com

The site is one-year old! Thanks to everyone who have visited throughout 2001, and who continue to visit and show their support for Keith’s Music.

Link added to www.radio-locater.com you should be able to find your local radio stations listed so you may call and request Keith’s music.

If you have sent your e-mail address to be added to the monthly newsletter, through the form on the main page of the site, and you have not received the January Newsletter, please e-mail me so that I may add you.

Ask Keith: If you have sent a question to Keith through the Form and it was not posted last month then please let us know.

Past updates from 2001:

The site has won another award read the nice comments sent with this award: "Congratulations!!......Your site definitely qualifies for the "Critical Mass Award". A very nice site, excellent design, clever original graphics, great photos, and you have provided your visitors with content that is informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access. A worthy tribute and a positive contribution to the Web.
Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting, fun and attractive place to visit. I really enjoyed my
visit to your site and will return again when time permits :)".

Note from the Webmaster: "I wanted to just pass along a quick reminder that if you have been submitting your e-mail address through the site newsletter form, that you need to type in your full e-mail address such as: yourname@aol.com, also you only need to press the submit button only once. If you are experiencing any problems with the form please send me an e-mail keithsfans@yahoo.com"

Check out Keith's latest radio interview transcript!

FAQ's page is now up! If you have been looking for answers to questions then please read this page, to see if your question has been answered.

Another interview is coming up in September; Details will be posted shortly after.

Keith was recently interviewed for a radio program that has since aired. The stations that heard the
interview were: WCBS-FM New York, WOGL Philadelphia,WODS Boston, WBIG Washington, KLUV Dallas, WGRR Cincinnati, WRIT Milwaukee, WOTO Memphis and KODJ Salt Lake City.

If you would like to keep up to date on all Keith's happenings or site news, then take one moment to join the Keith Yahoo! Groups List. All you have to do is enter your e-mail address. You can find the join box on the main page of the site.

The site has moved to it's new Official home www.keith986.com Sometimes during the process of putting an site onto a new server we encounter problems, broken links, and other services not working properly! Please contact me if you should encounter any problems. cassasong@yahoo.com

Take one moment to read Keith's official welcome message to his Fans.

A photo gallery has been started. 

Please send any questions for the Ask Keith section to sendkeith@yahoo.com 

The first questions have been answered by Keith for "Ask Keith" A huge Thank You Goes out to Keith!!

Lyrics have also been posted to "Tell Me To My Face".

Would you like to Ask Keith a question and have it answered by him? Then here is your chance. I have put together a page for the Fans to send their questions each month to be answered by Keith. So take a moment think of a cool question and send it along. 

A Word from Keith...

I have been asked by mostly everyone what Keith is up to today! So I asked him, and he graciously replied so here is the latest straight from him:  "I was performing with my all girl band here in L.A. in the south bay as well as writing/singing/producing/engineering and voice over's for corporate radio spots (heinekin, kelloggs, sapporo, yoshinoya to name a few) in my home recording studio until the early 90's. Around this time an old bass player of mine who had gone to work in the T.V. industry suggested that it was something I should check out! I did and loved it since 93 I've worked on 100's of shows as either a camera operator, a technical director, stage manager or in some audio capacity. Right now I have 5 shows I'm working on and it appears to be never ending. I've also been pitching shows of my own where I would be the host to M.T.V or V.H.1. and in my spare time writing sit-com theme songs for a couple of shows that I hope will get picked up. While working on the last and now cancelled "Donny and Marie show" I hooked up with their music director, whose been with them forever, jerry williams, and we've Collaborated on some new tunes that are HOT!!! and I plan to record them in two weeks!! Bazza

*Read Keith's official welcome to his website!


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