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James Barry Keefer, who enjoyed musical fame in the '60s as Keith, now
calls himself Bazza Keefer. The singer-turned-technician took the Ozzie
nickname for Barry as a tribute to his late Australian-born mother.
The voice of the 1967 hit "98-point-6" had a hot time the night before
recording the song. His reservations were lost at a New York hotel and he
wound up sleeping on a cot in the boiler room!

His musical success landed him on Dick Clark's Where the Action Is T-V
show and tours with Tommy James and The Beach Boys.
Tomorrow, we'll talk about how Keith's attempt at "performance art" got him
kicked off The Beach Boys' tour and his behind-the-scenes T-V career.
Keith's website is [www.keith986.com].


-part 2-

Keith, who now goes by the nickname Bazza, recalls how his hit
"98-point-6" landed him a tour with The Beach Boys. But a skit that had him squeezing or eating fruitswith suggestive offstage audio comments and sound
effectscaused problems. Keith left the tour after the mayor of a large
southern city objected to the humor. The politician's daughter had been
in the audience!

Now a versatile technician at N-B-C studios in Burbank, California, Keith
has been with Judge Judy for all seven of her T-V seasons. "What fans don't
realize is before she comes through that door, she and I are dancing."
His resume  also includes The Tonight Show, Judge Joe Brown and Family Feud.
"Anywhere from mic-ing up the show to editing and being technical
director. It's been a real joy and a lot of fun." Producing is his next goal. He has circulated a proposal for a Star Search-type talent show to cable networks.

Keith's life story could be the basis of a documentary. Dick Clark has
offered him copies of several appearances he made on T-V's Where the
Action Is.
"It lifts me up spiritually," is Bazza's reaction to the feedback he
at his website [www.keith986.com].

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