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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Keith planning on touring, can he play at an event I have coming up?

 There are no tours planned at this time. If you are interested in booking Keith for a show or event, please visit the "For the Press" page.

Is there an address where I can write to Keith?

 There is no fan address at this time to write to.

If you would like to ask Keith a question then you may do so by sending it to: Keithsfans@keith986.com and the answer will be displayed on the site. Under the "Ask Keith" page.

Can I have an Autograph?

 At this time Keith has no way of sending out autographs.

Where can I find Keith's albums/songbooks and other collectables?

 www.ebay.com always has something from "98.6" the record to the CD, along with songbooks.

Are there any official social media Keith pages I can join?

Yes! There is the Official Keith Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Keith986


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