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       Official Press Biography

    James Barry Keefer, born in Philadelphia on May 17,1949, started his music career in the early 60's with his first band The Admirations, who recorded one single for Columbia Records entitled "Caravan of Lonely Men." Soon after the recording of "Caravan," he was discovered while performing at a school dance by radio DJ Kal Rudman.  Rudman introduced Keefer to Mercury Records' executive Jerry Ross, who then signed him to the Mercury label and renamed him "Keith." He recorded his first solo single "Ain't Gonna Lie," which placed in the US Top 40 charts. "98.6," Keith's best-known song and his biggest hit, was released in January 1967, charting as a top ten single.  Keith charted with two other songs in 1967, "Tell Me To My Face" and "Daylight Savin Time."

    Keith recorded two albums for Mercury before leaving to join the RCA family. At RCA, he recorded Adventures of Keith -- an album of mostly original songs in which Keith also had the creative control to hand pick his studio band.

    With an undeniable talent and charisma, in addition to chart topping songs, Keith was featured in numerous teen magazines, toured with many top acts of the 1960's including the Beach Boys and Neil Diamond.  In the 1970s, he toured with Frank Zappa and also recorded one single "In and Out of Love," for Zappa's Discreet label. Keith also appeared as a featured guest a record twenty times on Dick Clark's "Where the Action Is!"

    Watch Clip from "Where The Action Is"

    Keith is still active in the music business and continues to write, record and perform. In the 1980's Keith set up his own record label A.I.R. Records and produced albums for several local California bands. Over the last few years, he has been especially busy with numerous radio interviews, to which he is happy to oblige. Aside from music, he is a successful part of the TV Industry, working on hit shows such as Judge Judy and Dr. Phil.

        Listen to Keith's interview with the BBC!

    Today, fans all across the world still seek out Keith's music. It's almost a guarantee that someone you meet will know the words to his top ten smash hit "98.6." His fans look forward to seeing him in concert performing his best-loved hits, whether as the main act or along with other top acts of the 60's.

    If you are interested in booking Keith for a show please send inquires to the following address: keithlive@keith986.com

    It's truly good to have Keith back again!


    Keith’s Discography:

    Ain’t Gonna Lie -Top twenty on Billboard 1967.

    98.6 - #7 on the Billboard Charts 1967
    #68 on CASH BOX YEAR-END CHARTS of 1967.

    Tell Me to my Face - Top Forty song on Billboard 1967.

    Daylight Savin Time - Top Forty song on Billboard 1967.

    Keith’s Albums:

    98.6/Ain't Gonna Lie –1967 Mercury Records

    Out of Crank – 1967 Mercury Records

    Adventures of Keith – 1969 RCA Records



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